Wedding Balloons

We know how important your special day is. We have a fantastic range of balloon displays to make your day truly magical without breaking your wedding budget. We can supply everything you need including the following:

• Table Decorations
• Cloud Clusters
• 6ft Entrance Columns
• Arches
• Exploding Balloons
• Double Bubble Balloons
• 6ft Champagne Bottle

Table Decorations

Our three balloon table decorations are only £4.99.

Three balloon table decorations






Our five balloon table decorations are only £6.49.

Five balloon table decoration






Cloud Clusters

Our single cloud clusters are only £13.49.  If you would like three cloud clusters linked together by ribbon behind your top table then they cost £37.99.

Image of a cloud cluster








6ft Entrance Columns

Our 6ft entrance columns are £40 each.

6ft entrance column









Our single pearl arches are £39.99 and our spiral arches are £125.

Image showing pearl arch and spiral arch


Exploding Balloons

Exploding balloons are a great addition to your wedding balloons and create a moment in your special day that you’ll never forget.  Why not open the dance floor to your guests by bursting the balloon together.  Our exploding balloons are £49.99.

Exploding balloon









Double Bubble Balloons

Our double bubble balloons will make your wedding balloons look extra special.  Our three balloon double bubble table decorations are only £9.99 and offer excellent value for money. Our double bubble balloons can also be used to create an arch between two of our 6ft balloon columns to create an eye catching entrance display.

Image showing double bubble displays






 6ft Champagne Bottle

One of our more popular displays and one guaranteed to impress your guests.  This display is competitively priced at £39.99.

Champagne bottle display








This is just a small selection of the displays that we have to offer so please see in store for more details.